ALCANTARA is an exclusively Italian made textile developed by Miyoshi Okamoto, a Japanese scientist, in the 1970s as a high-quality and long-lasting alternative to animal textiles. The unrivalled textile is the result of unique, proprietary technology and a sophisticated industrial process conducted on microfiber material.



SHOHEI selected ALCANTARA for its unique aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities. The soft, light and smooth textile has a luxurious look and feel yet is strong and durable in harsh environments. The innovative material boasts water repellence, fire retardancy, breathability, climate adaptation and stain resistance, amongst others. In fact, ALCANTARA is a modern icon for slow fashion. The nature of the textile – durable, resistant, high-quality, age and fade proof – means that it is fashioned to last.

ALCANTARA’s versatility has not gone unnoticed. The textile has been tailored by the fashion, home décor, automotive and hi-tech industries. Catch ALCANTARA in the lining of Louis Vuitton X Takashi Murakami bags, in premium yachts or in luxury cars such as Porsche and Lamborghini.


nature x tech

Despite ALCANTARA’s repertoire of talent, a respect for nature and the citizens of the world remains at the forefront of the SHOHEI mind. ALCANTARA is an absolutely sustainable textile that has been certified carbon neutral for over eight years. This commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with responsible supply chain management and the production of ALCANTARA, a completely vegan textile free from animal origin.


aligning values

A message of high technology and artisanship is evident when perusing ALCANTARA’s website, segueing into SHOHEI’s embrace of innovation, tradition and nature. In essence, ALCANTARA embodies the new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle where citizens of the world want to fully enjoy the products they wear every day, while respecting both ethics and the environment.

 Text: Marie Woods

SHOHEI is using ALCANTARA in seasonless styles such as SHOHEI SPLIT COAT, ALIX TOP, ALIX SPLIT PANTS, SAYO SKIRT (made to order), IRENE TOP (made to order), KARA SPLIT PANTS and ANNEV SPLIT PANTS 



model wearing SHOHEI SPLIT COAT made of Italian sustainable ALCANTARA
highlighted with metal fasteners

model wearing ALIX TOP made of Italian sustainable ALCANTARA

model wearing SAYO SKIRT made of Italian sustainable ALCANTARA
highlighted with SWAROVSKY crystal elements.

model wearing IRENE TOP & ALIX SPLIT PANTS made of Italian sustainable ALCANTARA highlighted with gold-mttal fasteners.

model wearing ALIX SPLIT PANTS made of Italian sustainable ALCANTARA
highlighted with gold-metal fasteners

model wearing KARA SPLIT PANTS made of Italian sustainable ALCANTARA
highlighted with water-repellent fasteners

model wearing ANNEV SPLIT TROUSERS made of Italian sustainable ALCANTARA highlighted with high-end metal fasteners