As we launch our new range of face masks, we’d like to take the opportunity to share a bit more information with you about our amazing collaboration partner, PYRATES smart fabrics. We have used their groundbreaking fabrics in the construction of our Smart Mask range, employing PYRATEX® health II in the making of our Smart Mask Bio #01 and PYRATEX ® power I for our Smart Mask Power #01.

PYRATES’ mission to promote a mindful, progressive lifestyle through the use of eco-friendly smart fabrics is totally in line with our ethos of progressive luxury. Based in Madrid under the stewardship of founder and CEO Regina Polanco, PYRATES is a recipient of the European Union’s Horizon2020 grant and has collaborated with brands and designers such as Asics and Marina Testino. Its revolutionary PYRATEX® fabrics are made from either vegetal, upcycled or biodegradable fibres, and are majority-sourced in Europe and manufactured in Italy, thereby minimising the carbon footprint of its production process. In addition to this, all active components of PYRATEX® fabrics are embedded, rather than injected or added in production, and therefore do not wash away or are subject to an expiration date.

But aside from just being good for the planet, PYRATEX® fabrics are good for you. PYRATEX® power I contains antiperspirant and antibacterial properties, and is defined by its superior breathability and absorption. Similarly, PYRATEX® health II can improve blood circulation and provides a high degree of breathability and moisture optimisation. The vegetal ingredients in each PYRATEX® fabric originate from different plants, which gives the individual fabrics their unique body-caring qualities that have been tested and certified by European textile institutes. 

In other words, we couldn’t imagine a better material to use in the making of our Smart Mask range. So be smart – wear a mask.



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Text by P. Marcus Browne


 PYRATES smart fabrics