SS18 'Supernatural Organic'

SS18 “supernatural organic”

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection ‘Supernatural Organic’ tells a story of countryside science fiction. The collection reflects on a megatrend evident in cities across the globe – the nostalgic dream of living in the countryside.

The countryside itself faces huge disruptions in regard to globalisation. This collection pays homage to the authentic bio-farmer who is the story’s superhero, promoting traditional farming values and a respect for nature.

For this collection, SHOHEI immersed itself in nature. We met with artisans who produce traditionally crafted fabrics such as the Japanese Shibori fabric and sustainable textiles hand dyed naturally in Austria using the indigo plant. Far from being boring, SHOHEI welcomes the countryside as a rich source of inspiration and innovation.

‘Supernatural Organic’ is a celebration of the collaboration between traditional craftsmanship, nature and innovative performance fabrics.

Photographer: Yuji Fukuhara
Model: Zlata Semenko / Zucca Models
Hair: Yusuke Morioka
Make-up: Naomi T. Dakuzaku