SHOHEI engineers active luxury for citizens of the world.

SHOHEI combines innovative material concepts
with smart garment engineering to create fashion with a dynamic attitude.
There is a second nature merging of traditionally crafted textiles 

and nature respecting fabrics with cutting-edge technologically enhanced materials.

The result is a unique design aesthetic
where Japanese sensibility meets European taste
and nature meets technological innovation.

SHOHEI was founded by Austrian CEO & creative director Lisa Pek
and Japanese CFO Shohei Yamamoto in 2016.

SHOHEI is a traditional Japanese male name meaning ‘world peace’.  
Japan, a country which celebrates tradition and technological innovation, 

gives impulse to the SHOHEI concept in the way design is created
and material is sourced.

SHOHEI designs are influenced by creative director Lisa Pek’s
time split between the futuristic city of Tokyo and the design studio
surrounded by nature in the South Austrian countryside.

Our design philosophy is to create a dialog between man
and the modern world within culture, technology and nature.

SHOHEI collaborates with leading textile firms from Europe
such as Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Japan. 
All products are designed and prototyped in house in Austria and Japan.

SHOHEI recently showcased SS19 at Paris Fashion Week
(TRANOI, MAN WOMAN) and Tokyo AMAZON Fashion Week
with press features on WWD, Vogue UK, Vogue Italy Talents,
Fashion Snap, Tatler Magazine, Archive Collective Magazine
and Kaltblut Magazine, DEW Magazine, amongst others.


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photography: Yuji Fukuhara
SHOHEI is supported by KWF / State Carinthia, AUSTRIA