Created between the Austrian Creative Director Lisa Pek and the Japanese CFO Shohei Yamamoto in 2016, SHOHEI is a high-end ready-to-wear womens and menswear fashion label focusing on innovative traditional materials in combination with performance fabrics.


The brand was showcased during Paris fashion-week (TRANOI) as well as during Tokyo fashion-week with press features on VOGUE Italy Talents, VOGUE UK, Tatler Magazine, Archive Collective Magazine, DEW Magazine etc. 

The brand’s name has its origin in Japan.

Japan which is a country celebrating tradition and technological innovation gives impulse to the SHOHEI concept in the way design is created and material is sourced.

Our design philosophy is to create a dialog between man and the modern world within culture, technology and nature. 

SHOHEI is a Japanese traditional male-name with its meaning of ‘world-peace’

Our value proposition is to provide innovative material concepts in combination with smart garment engineering in order to create high-end fashion for a dynamic lifestyle.

SHOHEI is for citizen if the world and those that go out into it with the intention of enhancing it.

photography: Yuji Fukuhara