Explore the SHOHEI universe about sustainability and why it matters


As we launch our new range of face masks, we’d like to take the opportunity to share a bit more information with you about our amazing collaboration partner, PYRATES smart...

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TENCEL™ Feels So Right

SHOHEI. LOOKS GOOD. FEELS GOOD. DOES GOOD It's time to talk about TENCEL™ If SHOHEI is about anything, then it is about creating the highest quality contemporary pieces with the...

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KAKISHIBU DYE made in Japan

 You may think: What the hell is KAKISHIBU?   A dye made of fruits? Persimmon fruits? Why haven’t you heard of KAKISHIBU before? Cos it’s almost forgotten and in Japan you...

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ALCANTARA vegan & sustainable suede leather

ALCANTARA Italian-made, Japanese engineered. What we now call ALCANTARA was developed by Japanese chemist Miyoshi Okomato in the 1970s as an ultra-durable substitute for suede for use in automotive interiors....

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