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At SHOHEI we work with sustainable yet innovative materials and create elevated contemporary collections. One of our purposes is to transform culturally valuable textiles with our signature style in order to preserve traditional crafts. One of them is the Kakishibu dyed organic cotton made in Kyoto, Japan. 

SHOHEI combines elements of urban and nature.

Join our mission and let's be more conscious on the way we do & consume today's fashion. SHOHEI offers on demand solutions and creates timeless collections which last beyond the season.


Between Two Worlds

Born in the city of Tokyo.

SHOHEI is driven by diversity & pioneering spirit.

The brand's mission is to create new-generation tech-fashion using the most advanced environmentally conscious textiles and to preserve traditional crafted textiles which are reflected in a modern minimalist design.

SHOHEI creates a dialogue between nature, fashion & innovation.

The brand’s signature shapes are the product of the designer's nomadic lifestyle, split between the futuristic hyperreality of Tokyo and the serene countryside.


SHOHEI is all about the textile universe. 

By choosing a big variety of textiles we express & cherish diversity.

Discover materials made from bamboo, vegan apple leather, natural dyed textiles made from matcha tea, KAKISHIBU dyed organic cotton, TENCEL™ which is made of sustainable sourced wood fibres, and consciously sourced wool.

 ‘To choose high quality fabrics is a personal choice but also a matter of sustainability.’



Born in 1986 in the south of Austria.

Lisa Pek has always been passionate about travel, culture & anthropology.

She started to explore her creativity at an early age as she loved drawing & painting as a kid and started the education in fashion with 14 years old when attending a high-school specialised in fashion design, traditional pattern making & tailoring.

“To me creating fashion is like painting.”

"It’s the work with colours, textures and surfaces that fascinates me about creating fashion. Like painting it has a lot to do with envisioning and composing contrasting elements with each other."

Her career & curious soul brought her to London & Tokyo, but it was always her plan to create her own brand at some point, and so she started the brand SHOHEI in 2016.

Growing up in the Austrian countryside and being connected to nature from childhood on is something she preserved also in her work. 

Lisa Pek’s background in fashion is tailoring and knitwear-design. She had the honor to work on projects for Vivienne Westwood GOLDLABEL & Vivienne Westwood MAN and afterwards got hired at ALL SAINTS London.

She continued her career at KOSHINO in Tokyo as a designer and design consultant.





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