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Tell us more about your connection with Japanese culture and how did the name SHOHEI came about.

I’ve always been fascinated by foreign cultures, sociology & anthropology. It happened that I was hired by a big Japanese fashion-house where I had been working for the last years. During this time I also met my Japanese business-partner and partner in life, who’s name is Shohei, too. He once told me that the name SHOHEI means ‘world-peace’. When starting the label, it came to my mind again and thought it is a quite suitable name for a brand creating womens and menswear clothing and in the same time I wanted to create a label build on a meaningful message.

You have a background in menswear fashion-design, how does this affect your creations?

During studying MA fashion & technology menswear at the London College of Fashion I was able to learn from one of the most important tailoring lecturers that London has. The way menswear is constructed has affected the way I design womenswear in many ways. Especially thinking of quality, function and traditional rules of garment making etc.

Is there any particular experience that inspired your creative process lately?

The A/W17 Collection was inspired by the science fiction book of Aldous Huxley ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’ describing a world engineered by government, giving up individuality in order to achieve economical prosperity. The main character of the book is an outsider, not fitting in the society described in ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’. This character shows the niches of any system which tries to program nature and humans themselves. The book which was written in 1932 has touched me as it made me realize it’s describing a vision of the which has become today’s world’s reality. AW17 collection holds various metaphors of the world which has always a niche – place for individuality and freedom.


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