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SHOHEI capsule collection is named RESILIENCE

RESILIENCE is a mindset of becoming greater & stronger after tough periods of time.  

The meaning of ‘resilience’  gets more and more important in today’s world.

With the capsule collection named ‘RESILIENCE’ we celebrate the traditional craft of KAKISHIBU dye and its Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. 

Kakishibu is more than just a dye. It also has preservative and adhesive qualities. 

The traditional Japanese dyeing technique uses fermented tannin juice from unripe persimmon fruit – a wholly natural process. The Kakishibu dye has not only its fascination with immersive brownish-red hues but also some properties we would find in today’s new-generation tech fabrics. Produced in Kyoto, Kakishibu dyes have both powerful antibacterial and antioxidant effects, as well as being water- and stain-repellent.

It is not only healthy for your skin but also good for the planet. 

Preserving traditional craft and reflecting it in a modern minimalist design aesthetic is one of the purposes of SHOHEI COLLECTION.

Same as with indigo-dyed clothes, the beauty of wearing Kakishibu is that the material itself lives with the wearer and becomes a personal and unique piece in everyone’s wardrobe.  Each piece is an individual piece due to the use of the hand-dyeing technique. 

The design approach to this collection started by creating abstract informal sketches of rust color brush strokes and scribblings on top of those brush strokes. Those sketches created a mood of a kind of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ aesthetic. They had been used as applications all over the collection as lines, top stitching, and raw edge finishings. 

Words carry tremendous power, and that is why we named this collection RESILIENCE to give the wearers a feeling of protection in their own space.