FAQ Face Mask Collection

Are the SHOHEI smart/face masks for medical usage?

The SHOHEI smart/face mask are non-medical face masks that can be worn as an accessory to prevent the spread of droplets and therefore lower the risk of infections at hotspots such as city centres and other public spaces such as shops and on public transport.

Our masks aim at protecting others from droplet infection spread by the wearer who may or may not be infected by COVID-19 or other viruses.

The goal is to prevent droplets and aerosols from spreading with viruses and germs through coughing, sneezing or talking.

What material does SHOHEI use for its face masks?

The materials used on SHOHEI smart/face masks have GOTS certificate and OEKO tex Standard 100. We use only premium materials to assure the highest comfort by using skin friendly healthy and eco conscious products. Breathability is our biggest focus at the SHOHEI face mask collection, because what’s the point of wearing a stylish mask that is impossible to breathe through? We want you to feel happy and comfortable when wearing our masks.

At what temperature should I wash my SHOHEI smart/face mask?

We recommend 30 degrees on the SHOHEI Smart Mask POWER/BIO and the transparent LUCID face mask. You can use 40 degrees for all of our cotton face masks. Please make use of washing powder/liquid – the reason for this is that washing powder will kill the COVID-19 virus bacteria which is covered in fat cells.

We want to encourage people to wash their masks at 30-40 degrees as this is the most environmentally-friendly temperature range and we are sure that if you use the right washing powder the masks will be in perfect hygienic condition to reuse.

Instead of washing the mask each day you can also steam and iron it too.

We recommend to buy more than one mask so you can change them each day and wash them all together once a week using a washing bag.

If you are interested in buying more than one mask please drop us an email before purchase and we will offer to you a special discount price: office@shohei-collection.com 

Do I have to wash the smart/face mask every day?

We do recommend to buy more than one face mask. You do not necessarily need to wash it every day. A hot iron can help out instead of washing it each day.

Does the face mask need to have a double layered textile?
This depends on the material and on the density of the weave of the material. We design and engineer our masks to avoid the spread of droplets and this is achieved by using one layer of fabric. If you prefer a double-layered mask which has also the option to insert an PM2.5 filter we recommend to you to buy the SHOHEI PM2.5 Smart Mask

Are SHOHEI face masks a protection against flu, SARS, COVID-19?
This mask will prevent you from spreading droplets in order to protect others, but it is not a protection against infection for yourself.

What makes the SHOHEI smart mask line outstanding?

The SHOHEI smart-mask is not only made of premium textiles and trimmings sourced in Italy and Japan, it is also a material that is extremely breathable, with optimised moisture management and super smooth feel for your skin with a sun-stream block integrated at the SHOHEI Smart Mask BIO. These are eco-conscious and technologically advanced face masks using award-winning textiles by PYRATES smart fabrics.

Is the LUCID face mask safe to wear?

Yes, it is just like any other woven textile – perhaps with an even tighter weave! Our new line will have a double layer, too. The LUCID face mask is made of premium Japanese textiles and trimmings and is our best mask in terms of breathability and comfort.

What is the difference between the LUCID face mask & the KORN face mask?
The LUCID face mask you can machine wash at 30 degrees, while the KORN face mask can only be handwashed as it is made of sweet-corn fiber. Both are premium textiles from Japan.

Where are the SHOHEI products made?

We work with our long-term partners – a small-team of premium garment factories in Romania and Bali.

Can I buy mix of different qualities for a better price deal?
If you want to purchase more than one of the same mask or a set of different masks we are super happy to offer to you a special discount rate. All you need to do is to send us an email for a bulk order quote via office@shohei-collection.com   

Do you ship worldwide?
We do ship worldwide via DPD inside the EU and we use DHL for shipments outside the EU.

For shipping rates please find all information below:

Shipping within Austria: Euro 4.50
Shipping to Germany: Euro 8.00
Shipping to rest of EU: Euro 12.00
Shipping to Japan: Euro 28.00
Shipping to the USA & rest of world: Euro 25.00 

No return on face masks due to hygienic reasons.

Thank you for your understanding.