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SHOHEI - new gen tech fashion

WE EVOLVE timeless conscious collections.

TECH - our direction

At SHOHEI we integrate the latest innovative & nature inspired materials into our designs.

EVOLVED FASHION - our product

SHOHEI’s mission is to create eco-conscious contemporary collections.

What the hell is Kakishibu?

KAKISHIBU is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique which uses fermented tannin juice from unripe persimmon fruit – a wholly natural process.

Made In Kyoto

100% natural

Kakishibu is more than just a dye. It also has preservative and adhesive qualities.

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Discover the new collection

With the capsule collection named ‘RESILIENCE’ we celebrate the traditional craft of KAKISHIBU dye and its Wabi-Sabi aesthetic.

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'Textiles are our universe - consciousness & innovation is our mindset'

For all matcha lovers out there!

Stay focused!

& drink matcha ⚡️

Did you know?

Matcha is rich in catechins, a class of plant compounds in tea that act as natural antioxidants.

Several of the components in matcha could help enhance brain function and much more reasons to become a matcha fan ...

FORBES: 5 Matcha Tea Benefits Backed By Science


Discover our Japanese organic cotton green tea dyed shirt...



Customer's feedback is our most important value.

“ I love SHOHEI, their creations represent the essential of what I would like to wear without fashion stereotypes and with its original style. That friendly human touch with every purchase is gold. “ 

Carlo Alberto Barberi, Milan

"I've ordered MADE TO ORDER and on stock items at SHOHEI several times and was 100% satisfied with the product and delivery time.'

Wolfgang Warzilek, Berlin

I've bought the IVY TOP which arrived within just x3 working days and love to wear it as it has a nice touch and design. Suitable for every day and any occasion.

Carolin Rucks, Portland