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KAKISHIBU DYE made in Japan

 You may think: What the hell is KAKISHIBU? 

A dye made of fruits? Persimmon fruits?

Why haven’t you heard of KAKISHIBU before? Cos it’s almost forgotten and in Japan you can only see it on traditional clothing.
We think differently and want to transform Kakishibu dyed textiles into your modern and day to day wardrobe.

Why are we so fascinated by Kakishibu? 

Kakishibu is more than just a dye.

Kakishibu is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique that uses the fermented tannin juice from unripe persimmon fruit – a wholly natural process. Produced in Kyoto, Kakishibu dyes have both powerful antibacterial and antioxidant effects, as well as being water & stain repellent.

After applying the natural dye to fabric, the sun tans the textile, deepening hues over time. The result is a colour palette ranging from beige to muted and rich oranges, golden browns, deep ambers and rich red-browns.

Some may think it even looks like leather. But in contrast to leather it is vegan and extremely lightweight. Of course this depends on the base fabric.

Kakishibu is not only healthy for your skin but also good for the planet. 

Preserving traditional craft and reflecting it in a modern minimalist design aesthetic is one of the purposes of SHOHEI COLLECTION.

Same as with indigo-dyed clothes, the beauty of wearing Kakishibu is that the material itself becomes a part of you. By time it will change its color and surface. Each piece is a unique piece and is hand dyed.

How did I find out about Kakishibu dye?

One day in 2015 or so, Shohei and I went to the traditional market at the TO-JI temple in Kyoto and we bought a red-brownish bag. When I got back to work in Tokyo my co-worker asked me: Lisa, do you know that you bought a Kakishibu dyed bag?

I started to get more curious about what this material is and started researching on this fascinating textile dye. After a short time Shohei found out about one of Japanese best craftsmen who is specialized in Kakishibu dyed cottons. We reached out and set a meeting. Since then we collaborate with the Kameoka / Kyoto based small factory on our Kakishibu dyed cotton textiles.

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And guess what?

CNN Style reached out to us and did an interview on our Kakishibu project when writing about sustainability & Japanese designer...  


You have also become curious about the 'supernatural' textile dye and want to explore our products?

Shop the collection: KAKISHIBU COLLECTION 

For any sorts of questions do not hesitate to reach Lisa Pek or WhatsAPP text message: +436607828107
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