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Thank you for having us PARCO Shibuya

For everyone who does not know about PARCO Shibuya: It’s one of the hottest department stores in Tokyo.

'Instead of focusing just on the big and famous, we look for brands that have something interesting about them, and have some kind of original edge.

Our aim is to lead consumers to rediscover the fun of fashion, and to be a building that fashionistas from across the world can enjoy.

We have made a select sales floor as part of our efforts to incubate the next generation of fashion designers and brands.'

PARCO Shibuya Instagram

With more than 180 shops inside the building and world-leading designer & luxury brands such as LOEWE, GUCCI, Alexander Wang, MARC JACOBS etc. PARCO is a hub for fashion, art & innovation.

We had the chance to win new customers from Tokyo, and all over Japan, but also Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, NYC, Washington DC, Seattle, France, and Spain.

A big highlight was when the global marketing team of ADIDAS Germany viewed the collection and also the creative director of ASICS. Topped by the senior director of LANVIN Group Shanghai who also became our customer and friend now.

Some impressions of the SHOHEI launch party on 28th of February 

And some more images of the launch party by Kevin Tamasiro

Shohei Yamamoto, Kevin Tamasiro, Lisa Pek

Big thanks to our partners for the collaboration:

MIKKELLER beer Japan
ARBLUEM Ryuki Yasui / flower art installation
NEURALPOCKET / digital display ad

We look forward to the next event coming up soon. 

Stay tuned for our next SHOHEI pop-up event at PARCO Shibuya happening in the end of summer 2023.
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