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SHOHEI is a premium ready-to-wear fashion label founded between Austria, by creative mind Lisa Pek in 2016, and Japan, by CFO and name-giver Shohei Yamamoto 2017.

SHOHEI means ‘world-peace’ in Japanese.

We create tactile minimalistic fashion with Japanese aesthetics.

Our collections are built on extensive material research. SHOHEI is about fusing unique material experiences together with experimental pattern making techniques as well as elevated classic pieces.

Our work involves the support of local craftsmen and also to connect with pioneering textile firms who offer cutting edge sustainable solutions.

SHOHEI ‘s mission is to create eco-conscious contemporary collections for global progressives. Defined by the emphasis on striking lines, durability and directionality, SHOHEI's signature shapes are the product of the designer's nomadic lifestyle, split between the futuristic hyperreality of Tokyo and the serene Austrian countryside.

We want to make a positive impact on the fashion world by creating fashion driven by diversity and pioneering spirit. We share our journey via our SHOHEI WORLD blog which is an open discourse of our practice, people who inspire and materials we love.

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Here is a little note on the background of the founders of SHOHEI COLLECTION:

They met at THE SHARE – a shared living & co-working space in the heart of Tokyo when starting off the brand’s concept in 2015.

Lisa Pek, born in 1986 in Carinthia / Austria was always into painting and philosophy before starting her career in the fashion industry. She gained her skills by working at Vivienne Westwood, All Saints and KOSHINO before starting her own brand SHOHEI.

Shohei Yamamoto, born in 1986 in Nagano / Japan, is very much into tennis and numbers. He has become one of the most wanted men in Japan. He has worked for ACCENTURE, COACH NY and has become the head of finance at VERSACE recently.

Lisa Pek, founder & creative director SHOHEI / IG + 43 660 78 28 107

Shohei Yamamoto, CFO & founder SHOHEI Japan +81 90 3098 4939



SHOHEI の印象的なライン、耐久性、独自性を重視したフォルムは、東京の未来的な超現実とオーストリアの穏やかな田園風景の間を行き来するデザイナーのノマドなライフスタイルによるもので、日本のストリート感覚と中欧のクラシシズムを融合しています。