Thank you for choosing the eco-friendly shopping solution of our MADE TO ORDER CONCEPT.


Our made-to-order system allows us to accurately anticipate the demand on our freshly launched products to avoid overproduction, which is a big issue in the fashion industry. 

In other words it is more 
sustainable for the environment and also for us as a small business.

You receive

  • 10% off 
  • personalised approach to your order 
  • small SHOHEI gift 


Step 1)
Send us an E-mail to
& let us know which items you want to purchase.

Step 2)
We will then generate a 10% discount coupon for you to use on the check-out.

Step 3)
After that you can let us know if you have any personal request on the item.
Such as a shorter or longer sleeve length, neck width etc. 

Step 4)
You will receive an order confirmation with the delivery date on it.
The delivery date may vary between 2-6 weeks.

Thank you for choosing MADE TO ORDER.

Your SHOHEI Team.
We are here for you 24/7

International: Lisa Pek:
Japanese:      Yuna Nakano